Why Do We Even Have That Server?!

Wow! What an end to a good (albeit frustrating) week! In between multiple engagements for several clients this week, I somehow managed to learn that “flowers are like a picnic for butterflies…” Yep, busy week but I still managed to get in all the bedtime stories with the kids! I’ve seen an interesting trend during…
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Seat Belts Save Lives…We Should Stop Using Them

Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? Seat belts have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a motor vehicle crash, and I’m recommending that we stop using them altogether? Why in the world would someone in their right mind make that kind of recommendation!? It’s simple,…
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Sun Who? – Foundational Principles for a Stronger Cybersecurity Posture

I recently attended a security symposium sponsored by some great agencies and organizations. One of the speakers really got me thinking about the foundational principles for a strong cybersecurity posture which inspired me to do some additional research and present my conclusions. My hope is that someone else might find these concepts useful in strengthening their…
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