Business Email Compromise Defense

While Ransomware continues to dominate the headlines, Business Email Compromise (BEC/EAC) tops the list of financial losses (over $1.8 billion dollars) in the most recent FBI Internet Crime Complaint (IC3) report. This trend shows no signs of slowing down as BEC attacks continue to grow in number and effectiveness.

If you are involved in processing financial transactions at your organization or if you are an IT / Cyber professional who wants to understand how to better defend against BEC attacks as well as how to respond if you are a victim, I encourage you to watch this video from 5shield’s Phishing Attacks & Defense online training course. This brief  (~23 min) video will give you an understanding of the three main types of BEC attacks, how you can defend against them, and how to respond if you become the victim of one.

If you find this information useful, please consider enrolling in the full Phishing Attacks & Defense course for a look at how phishing began, where it is today, and some techniques you can use to defend against even the most sophisticated phishing attacks.